Groupon and Daily Dealers are down, what should be the next?


After watching rises & falls of Groupon and its daily deal cousins on the sideline in last years, I have learned two things:

  1. There is a huge under served appetite for online marketing for local businesses (the businesses which must face the customers in order to deliver goods & services); and
  2. Serious shortcomings in daily deal business model(s), such as escalating operating costs, lack of merchant & customer loyalty, call for new years of connecting consumers and local merchants.

WebCoupon is an online marketing service to local businesses which is an alternative to daily dealers. It has been available to restaurants in New Jersey and New York.

Highlight: WebCoupon provides local merchants with marketing channels which reach not only new but also recurring customers. It significantly lowers the operating costs by not spending on acquiring consumer contacts (email IDs, app subs etc). Instead, WebCoupon turns local merchants’ online traffics into customers.

This short deck explains.