Selling Consulting Services to Local Businesses One Zip code at a Time


Summary: This blog post explains, from business consulting professionals’ perspective, what is Liquibil’s Packaged Business Solutions and how can they sell their services as products, instead of retainers, to scale up quickly.

Key Phrases: Packaged Solutions; Selling consulting services as products;

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Liquibil is pursuing a business of marketing of professional consulting services as products, aka Packaged Business Solutions, at pre-determined prices. This is in contrast with the common practice of selling consulting services as groups of billable hours.

Why Packaged Business Solutions? and what inspired the concept of Packaged Business Solutions? Let’s go over this short story which I am sure will bring satisfactory explanation:


joe the roofer 2Our first character in the story is Joe, the owner of a roofing company in New Jersey.

A few years ago, Joe noticed that when most houses reached 20+ years of age,  the roofs began to show signs of wear — a good time to establish contacts with these homeowners in order to position his company for the anticipated new roof projects.  Although this is not some new discovery, without any effective means, Joe had been unable to take advantage of this insight. Fortunately, Joe had resource and foresight to seek professional helps.



Eventually, Joe signed a service retainer with Mike, a marketing guru, who had helped small businesses for 19 years.

Leveraging Joe’s insight, Mike put together a strategy and the necessary materials to execute it:

  1. Designed a new service, a small roof maintenance annual contract, to help Joe’s company target the identified homeowners;
  2. Crafted a description of the new service, its value proposition to the homeowners, and Joe’s company is the best choice for delivering the service in the area;
  3. Drafted a sample contract which Joe can use in this sales process, and finally,
  4. Compiled a list of 20 year-old houses in Joe’s service area (4 townships, covering  an area of 5 zip codes)


Liquibil_CustomLogoDesign_opt01Seeing Joe’s success, as well as Mike’s with Joe’s company, Liquibil has been wondering if the same marketing package, with limited customizations, could also help other roofing businesses at a price significantly lower than Joe’s retainer. In other words, is it possible to make “copies of Mike’s work” and bring them to roofing companies outside of Joe’s service territory. The following data points a great potential

  1. There have been 2,700+ local companies in New Jersey which listed roofing (NACIS code is 238160) as their primary trade; and
  2. There are over 500 localities, employing 557 zip codes in the state of New Jersey.

Simple economics: the more copies sold, the more revenues to Mike,  and the lower the price to buyers of these solution copies.


imageThrough Liquibil, the complete package of solution is available to New Jersey roofing companies. Please use the buttons on the right to learn more about the solution; explore solutions for other trades, e.g. landscaping, home remodeling, tree services; or receive updates when new solutions are released.

These solution packages are marketed as products, i.e. there are only very limited customizations available to buyers:

  1. Buyers’ logo, business name, contact info, e.g. phone #, email, web site URL, social network ids, can be integrated into the marketing materials included in the package;
  2. Buyers’ customer testimonials, brief history and owner introductions can be integrated into the marketing materials included in the package;
  3. Buyers are allowed to modify specifics, e.g. pricing, product details,  to accommodate their market conditions;

The only drastically different component will be the homeowner lists which are determined by the zip code(s) chosen by the buyers;


Let me stop for today. If you are interested in more information, or would like to market your assets as Packaged Business Solutions through Liquibil, please reach out to me at, or contact me here.  You can also find packaged solutions for landscaping, home remodeling, tree service businesses here. Take a look at them to see if they what you have imagined.

Last, but not the least, I would be very grateful when you share the words of Packaged Business Solutions, and its impacts to consulting professionals through your favorite social network platforms.

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