Why Packaged Business Solutions?


The Packaged Business Solutions are designed to provide small businesses accesses  to effective strategies, for their long-term and sustained growth.

Then, why is this a problem worth solving?

  1. Studies after studies have shown that small business owners must think and act strategically, in marketing, in sales, in resource management, all aspects of their businesses, in order to maintain business longevity
  2. However, the reality is that only very small percentage of small businesses can afford and possess know-how to obtain and to implement effective strategies;

In other words, small businesses are extremely under served by professional consultants and the industry they represent. According to a non-scientific survey of small business owners by Liquibil founders, only 5% owners have developed and carried out their own marketing strategies. Another 10% or so owners sought professional helps . The other 85 mainly rely on generic advertising, such as yellow pages, direct mass-mailing, newspaper/radio commercials, and other means of reaching general public. This  type of efforts usually bring in business name recognition, and associated sales. They rarely promote specific products/services to a selected segments of customers with a carefully tailored messaging.

The Packaged Business Solutions promote the practice of developing products and services for a carefully selected group of customers, with a special messaging about the values of the products/services to the target customers. It is known such a strategic approach generally produces better results: increased sales, closer customer relationships and more loyal customers. Furthermore, such an approach also helps businesses find their niches thus establishing them as authorities in selected business areas.

The Packaged Business Solutions address three major issues which small businesses are facing when they think and perform strategically:

Major issues facing small businesses Packaged Business Solutions
How effective is a strategy for the business’ situation and objectives?

Business strategies behind these solutions were all successfully used by similar companies (size, revenue, geographic locations, etc.) for the same objectives.

How and where to acquire professional help to accomplish it?

The solutions include all materials which require professional help to produce.

What is the cost and ROI?

There are two ways Liquibil contains the cost of solutions to buyers:

  1. Solutions are structured in such a way that they allow only limited manual customization.

  2. Businesses can “sample” solutions by applying them first to a small group of target customers, then broaden it to more customers if the initial results are satisfactory.

Read more about these solutions and their values to small businesses at www.liquibil.com. or njrooferleads.com.

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